Fit, performance and quality.

Every frame is made to fulfill the needs and characteristics of a specific person. Everything is made from scratch, so we have total control of each detail of the process, be it functional or aesthetic.

The bicycle is “tailored”, made to measure, and that means that, regardless of your height or body proportions, the bicycle will adapt to you. The opposite would be an off-the-shelf bike, a bike designed to fit and be used by as many people as possible.

Every important angle and distance is taken into consideration for the desired use of the bike, its grade of specificity, be it long-distance rides or mixed on- and off-road travels.

Everything is made using the finest materials and methods at our disposal, one frame at a time, taking the time to make the best of each step of the construction.

In the bike world, people think of steel as an obsolete and heavy material. We have seen how the frames “evolved” from steel to aluminum, to titanium to carbon, but that doesn’t mean one material is better than the other. The best material is the one chosen for the right purpose.

Steel has been thoroughly studied, and it’s still evolving and developing. We use the best steel available, the latest alloys with the best mechanical properties. The lightest or stiffest material is not always the best option.

We use mostly Columbus and Reynolds tubing, because it allows us to work with a wide array of alloys, shapes, thickness and tube profiles. This translates to custom tubesets that will perform to the desired specs of each individual frame.

Now we can even design the shape of the tubes. Columbus offers HSS tubes (same alloy as Spirit) with the option of custom shape to fulfill structural and aesthetic needs.

In a few words, it is an accurate way to define a determinate position over a bicycle: for competition (to improve performance), or for the most appropriate position for a damaged back (for example). The biomechanical professionals who will help you find your position are experts in body and bicycle dynamics, so they can find a  balanced position with respect to the type of use and body fitness.

We make bicycles from scratch, so there’s no better way to adapt to a certain position than a custom bicycle.

If you can’t come to Madrid to meet our preferred fitter, Yago Alcalde of Ciclismo y Rendimiento, we will be very glad to work with one near you.

Normally steel tube companies offer some series or recommended tube sets, but there’s no need to stick with that. On the contrary: most of the frames we make are built around a selected mix of tubes, as this is the best way to obtain the desired ride for each build. This way we can make certain parts of the frame more stiff or comfortable, to adapt to every type of riding preferences or get the best features for the construction itself.

Now, we can also choose the shape of each tube with the HSS Columbus Series. These tubes are made with the same alloy of the Spirit range, but we can shape them in a wide array of options. Custom tubes for custom frames! If you are interested in this option, get in touch to talk about it.

Unfortunately, no. We like to do new things and we are open to building most types of bikes, but it doesn’t make sense for us to build everything. But we’d love to hear what you have in mind.

There are basically three ways of joining tubes that make a bike frame: the use of lugs, fillet brazing or T.I.G. welding. We specialize in fillet brazing and lugged construction.

Fillet brazing is the most versatile technique since it allows the use of all type of tubes in every angle configuration. It gives smooth transitions and under the paint it will seem that the frame is made of one piece. The bonding material is brass or a special silver alloy (for stainless steel) that into and around the intersection of the tubes that, once cold, have to be sculpted to give its characteristic shape.

Lugs are hollow, investment-cast steel pieces where the tubes are inserted – a kind of outside sleeve. Because they have certain diameters and angles, so this type of construction is limited to certain tubes and geometries.

Everything is made from scratch, and in order to make things the way we like, we need time. We believe that someone who is going to invest his or her money in a custom bicycle is more concerned about the result that the delivery time.

The process involves different phases or stages, and we strive for perfection every step of the way.

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